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Faith Promise Update

May 1, 2016

 Dear Friends,

The GO Team has finalized the 2016/2017 Faith Promise budget and we want to share it with the congregation. We are so grateful for those of you who have pledged a Faith Promise gift for missions this year.  Thank you for your faithfulness that allows us to budget for the year.  Our continued prayer is that this church will align itself with the purposes of God and be the hands and feet of Christ on earth.  In the coming mission year we will provide funds for thirty-two mission partners working in our Jerusalem (local), Judea (regional), Samaria ( places we tend to avoid) and to the Ends of the Earth (international) (Acts 1:8). Lives are being changed and transformed through these valued partners, and your support is so valuable to them. Your Faith Promise commitment is truly impacting lives!

In this year’s Faith Promise campaign, ninety-nine of you pledged a total of $93,198 for the coming fiscal year (April 2016-March 2017).  At this time last year, we received 140 pledges totaling $117,600.  We are pleased to report that we actually received $127,417 last fiscal year, far exceeding the amount pledged.  Please continue to pray for more pledges and increased Faith Promise funding so that our GO Missions support will continue to be strategic and significant.

The GO Team has spent the month of April reviewing the Faith Promise budget, which is based on an evaluation of cash on hand and pledges for the coming year.  Given that pledges are down about $25,000 from last year, we had to reduce the budget accordingly.  In the past we were able to budget for requests for one-time projects and emergency needs. We are not able to do that this year but we will be able to fund the monthly support of day in and day out needs for most of our partners at the same level as we provided last year. For the majority of our partners, those amounts remained the same as last year. However, we do not yet have funds to increase support or pursue new mission avenues to reach the 1.9 billion people who are beyond the reach of the gospel, some of whom are in our own backyard.  That part is up to you.  You may make a Faith Promise gift at any time during the year.  Just indicate on your check or in your payment that your donation is going to support the Faith Promise fund. We have included a Faith Promise pledge card in this mailing for your prayerful consideration and discussion with your family.

The GO Team 2014/2015 financials are available for your review on the back of this sheet.  They show you exactly who received Faith Promise funds last year.  In addition, you can review the 2016/2017 plan for how the Faith Promise funds will be allocated in the coming twelve months.  The financials will also be posted on the church website so you can access them in the future. 

You may have questions about Faith Promise, and we want to be available to answer those.  A list of frequently asked questions is on the website. If you have any other questions or comments about Faith Promise, the financials, or anything to do with missions, please contact John Bailey, Mary Ena Heath, Bill Gilchrist or GO Team area leads Marnie Woeber, Dick Titus, Marti Stone and Kim Cox.

It is a joy to serve with you!

John Bailey – Missions and Evangelism Pastor

Mary Ena Heath – Go Team Chair

Bill Gilchrist – GO Team Finance Chair



What is Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is a new idea to many of us, but it has been around a number of years and is being used effectively by many churches to support all areas of their mission programs. It is the new way that Huntsville First United Methodist Church will begin funding our mission programs and global outreach for 2012 and beyond.

Faith Promise is commitment that you will make to God for your support of this outreach. The faith part is your confidence that He will provide money or ways to make money that will enable you to keep your promise to the church.




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