Global Outreach

GO Pray!

The Global Outreach Team believes prayer drives mission
and when more people pray more prayers are answered.
Every week in the bulletins for each service we request
that you join us in prayer for mission each day of the coming week
during your regular prayer time.

Please join the Global Outreach team in praising God
for leading Huntsville First’s outreach efforts
and ask His blessing and guidance as we move forward.

Please pray:
•    For inspiration for the Global Outreach Team’s leadership.
•    For creativity, hard work and perseverance for each GO Team committee.
•    For the guidance and support of the clergy and the staff.
•    For leading us to Missions that touch our souls.
•    For moving the hearts of people from all corners of the church to volunteer.
AND for the generous Faith Promises of the Congregation which will enable Huntsville First to be proactive in being “Called to Influence Our Community 
to Know Christ.”

GO Pray with us on Thursdays!

Each Thursday morning a group meets in the Chapel at noon to pray for Global Outreach events, needs and participants. The group also gives thanks and praise for the many blessings the Lord bestows on Huntsville First’s Global Outreach Program. Each Wednesday a prayer list is distributed to people who generally attend GO Thursday Prayers and to a larger list of people who pray for Global Outreach during their regular prayer time.

Any Thursday you are able to join us,
please come, no reservations are required. If you would like to receive the prayer list each week or have a Global Outreach prayer to add to the prayer list, please click here to e-mail Bill Gilchrist.


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