Nov 29th

You’ve received your Advent Calendar and Wreath!

Gather your family for the Advent reading and light the Hope Candle!

Nov 30th

Gather and donate gently used coats to Manna House at 2110 South Memorial Parkway.

Dec 1st

Write encouraging lunchbox notes for the children of Lincoln Village Academy. Drop these off in the church office.

Dec 2nd

Gather extra towels and blankets, and wash and dry them. As a family, deliver them to New Leash on Life any Wednesday from 3 – 6 at 2676 Dug Hill Road.

Dec 3rd

Enjoy a family dinner by candlelight.

Dec 4th

Take new or gently used toys to the Neighborhood Store for their Pride for Parents program. Drop them off at 2815 University Drive.

Dec 5th

Enjoy a family board game night in front of the Christmas Tree.

Dec 6th

Wear your favorite Christmas sweater to join us for services today.

Gather your family for the Advent reading and light the Hope and Love Candles.

Dec 7th

Read a Christmas book aloud together.

Dec 8th

Have a gift-wrapping competition and see who can wrap the fastest.

Dec 9th

Build your gingerbread house with your family and post a picture so we can pick winners. Use #HFGingerbread in your post.*

Dec 10th

Have a family picnic in front of your Christmas tree.

Dec 11th

Play Secret Santa and deliver treats or a poinsettia anonymously to a person who may need some extra holiday cheer.

Dec 12th

Bundle up and bring the whole family for “Jingle Jam Al Fresco!” It kicks off at 4:30 and ends with watching a movie!

Dec 13th

Join us for church wearing your red and green Christmas colors.

Gather your family for the Advent reading and light the Hope, Love, and Joy Candles.

Dec 14th

Take a family ride to see Christmas lights in your neighborhood.

Dec 15th

Hide candy canes around your house and see who can find the most.

Dec 16th

Visit your favorite drive-thru restraunt with intent to bless the person in the line behind you by paying for their order.

Dec 17th

Go shopping for something(s) to bring for White Christmas Sunday, Dec. 20th. A list of needed items is inside the white square box and on our website.

Dec 18th

Break out the cookie cutters and bake Christmas cookies together. Deliver them to someone special like a nurse or a police officer.

Dec 19th

Ask everyone to sign a family “Thank you” card to your mail carriers. Feel free to add a bottle of water or a $10 gift card.

Dec 20th

White Christmas & Church Pajama Party

Gather your family for the Advent reading and light the Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace Candles.

Dec 21st

Call or Facetime a family member and sing them a Christmas carol.

Dec 22nd

The big day is almost here! We tend to get caught up in the chaos, so take some time as a family to read the Christmas story from Luke 2.

Dec 23rd

Give everyone a part in baking a Happy Birthday Jesus birthday cake.

Dec 24th

Join us for our outdoor Christmas Eve Services at 5:00 pm, in person or online!

Dec 25th

Light the Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace candles, then complete your family’s Christmas Countdown with the lighting of the Christ candle.