“Don’t be afraid. I know that you’re here looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He isn’t here—he has risen victoriously.”

Mark 16:6

Easter Worship

April 4

Sunrise Service


Join us in Big Spring Park East (near the original “Big Spring”) for a short outdoor sunrise service

Traditional Service

8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am

We are hosting three Traditional services on Easter Sunday in our historic downtown sanctuary

Blended Service


Join us at our New Song (Blended) service in the Wesley Worship Center

Contemporary Service


Join us at our Exalt (Contemporary) service in the Wesley Worship Center

Chapel Service


Join us for our Special Needs Service in the Chapel. The Chapel is on the ground floor of the main building

We will be livestreaming three of our services:

9am New Song Blended
11am Exalt Contemporary
11am Traditional

To watch them:

What does it look like to live as EASTER PEOPLE? Can approaching our everyday lives through the lens of God’s Kingdom truly make a difference to the world in which we find ourselves? The Easter people that we encounter in the early church, found in the book of Acts, answer this in the affirmative. Taking firm hold of the truth that Jesus had indeed risen victoriously, these early Christians came to understand that they were called to a different approach to life than what the world might dictate. They learned the value of walking with the intentionality of unity over divisiveness, repentance over complacency, bearing witness to the truth over entertaining deception, obedience over defiance, inclusion over exclusion, and finally, exhorting one another to remember all that came before, and how Jesus had lived on this earth. EASTER PEOPLE walk this out in confident courage in the face of any fear.