Love Exchange

As you may (or may not) know, part of our Special Ministries program is the maintenance of a lending closet from which many items of rehabilitation are collected, stored, and loaned to individuals with needs. Many of our new members may not be aware that we have such a program, and others may need to be reminded.

Donated items are received, stored, and issued from a room located on the first floor of our Annex Building. A voice mail phone service is provided to which anyone may call and leave messages of need for equipment or a desire to donate items. Volunteers collect those messages from their homes and respond, as needed. A partial list of items that are handled by this ministry are: wheelchairs (manual and powered), crutches, walkers, walking canes, shower seats and transfer benches, bedside commodes, commode lifts (raised toilet seats) bed rails, lift chairs, and a myriad of other items. Due to the lack of storage room and handling sources, hospital beds are not accepted or dispatched.

When items are received, a letter of thanks from the church can be issued and may be used for tax deduction purposes. Received items are “logged” into a card file and a sticker with an identifying number is placed upon it. That file helps us keep inventory and control of the items on hand or issued.

Please know that items are loaned to anyone with a need (not just members of FUMC) and can be retained as long as needed. The service is completely FREE, and no charges are made for the loaned items. We only ask that recipients return the loaned items to the church when there is no longer a need so that they might be used by others.

In an average week, we receive at least four or five requests for equipment. Thus, you can tell that the Love Exchange is a well-used service. It is much appreciated by those who have need of the items.

CONTACT: 256-539-7076