As many of you are already aware, Rev. Dr. Glenn Conner is on renewal leave through June 30th at which time we will be receiving a new senior pastor.  We ask that you be in prayer for the Conner family during this time of restoration. We also ask that you be in prayer for our wonderful staff as they navigate through this difficult period of transition and seek to continue leading us forward in ministry and mission.

What is a renewal leave?

Somewhat like a sabbatical, a renewal leave affords the opportunity to step away from the usual duties to focus on personal and spiritual growth. In the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church, ministers can request renewal leave after 6 consecutive years of ministry.

Who grants a renewal leave?

The Bishop, the District Superintendent, and the local Staff-Parish Relations Committee approve renewal leave.

Who pays the salary of Rev. Conner while he is on renewal leave?

Rev. Conner will receive full salary and benefits from Huntsville First United Methodist Church until June 30

Will Rev. Conner be available for ministerial duties while he is on leave?

The design of the renewal leave is to allow Rev. Conner to disengage from his regular clerical duties.

Whom should I contact instead of Rev. Conner?

Huntsville FUMC has excellent clergy and lay staff to assist the congregation. Call the church office at (256) 539-5738 to be directed to the appropriate person who can help you.

Who is the senior pastor now?

Together, Rev. Dr. Bill Crosby and Rev. Brittany Camp are handling the duties of senior pastor in the interim.

When will FUMC know who the new senior pastor is?

The new senior pastor will be announced on April 11.

When will the new senior pastor assume the duties of FUMC senior pastor?

July 1, but there will be a transitional period between April 11 and June 30.

What happens between April 11 and June 30?

We get to become acquainted with our new senior pastor.

What is the most important thing for me to know and do?

Huntsville First United Methodist Church is in faithful and capable hands. The clergy and staff are all people who love God and want to share God’s love with us. The most important thing for all of us to do is to pray for the church, for the clergy, for the staff, for the congregation, and for each other.