Stewardship Campaign 2022

There is little debate that we have each been gifted by God with certain passion, abilities, and resources. Jesus makes it clear in the parable of the talents that He is expecting us to make the very best of what we have been given. This is the heartbeat of stewardship.

As  members  of  the  Huntsville  First  family,  we  seek  to  root  ourselves  in  God’s  will  for  us,  our  lives,  and  our  giftings.  We yearn to build up both each other and God’s kingdom here on earth, believing that as we do so, we nurture and strengthen others in the faith we profess.

We give thanks with grateful hearts for all that God has done for us, from His sacrifice on the cross, to the many ways He blesses us in our day to day lives. It is from this place of humble gratitude that we are compelled to step up and share our GIFTs today, tomorrow, toward, and together.

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Throughout the month of October we will be releasing videos exploring what it means to Grow In Faith Together!

And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him. Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.

Colossians 2:6-7 NLT

Our GIFTs!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 1 – Growing in Faith TODAY

Welcome to GIFT

w/ Bill Crosby

Our Stewardship 2021 Campaign is centered around Growing In Faith Together. Rev. Bill Crosby introduces us to this year’s theme and scripture: Colossians 2:6-7.

Our Ministry Budget

w/ Chris Allen

Chris Allen, a member of the Finance Committee, breaks down what comprises the Ministry Budget with the help of a useful pie chart.

Our Building Budget

w/ Steve Cragon

Hear a breakdown of our Building Budget and how important it’s funding is from Steve Cragon!

First Sunday Message

w/ Johnnie Hargroven

Johnnie Hargrove helps explore how we can fulfil God’s greatest commandment.

Week 2 – Growing in Faith TOMORROW

A Testimony on Love

w/ Alice Ozier

Hear from a long time member of our congregation about the unifying power of Christ’s love. Through it, we can join together in joy and thanks giving!

A Testimony of Integrity

w/ Gwen Riley

Gwen Riley and her husband are active givers in our church. Hear from Gwen why they give and what it means to give with integrity.

Paul Hurst's Vision

w/ Russ Henshaw

Hear about how giving towards our Endowments can support a ministry FOREVER! Thank you Russ Henshaw for sharing Paul Hurst’s vision.

Second Sunday Message

w/ Mike Segrest

Trusting God can be hard; but when we do, so much is waiting for us. Mike Segrest spoke in services about how it feels to trust God.

Week 3 – Growing in Faith TOWARD

A Wesley Center Tour

w/ Janice Johnson

Get a tour around our Wesley Center from Board of Trustees member, Janice Johnson!

A Traditional Building Tour

w/ Quimby Rains

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Quimby Rains, shows us around the Traditional Building and gives some fun interesting facts!

A Church Grounds Tour

w/ Herb Lewis

A good steward himself, Herb Lewis shows us around the gardens of our church and discusses the importance of stewardship as to creating beauty for the future and present!

Third Sunday Message

w/ Sarah Lauren Kattos

Longtime member of our church, Sarah Lauren Kattos talks to the stewardship of the past and how our stewardship today works for those in the future!

Week 4 – Growing in Faith TOGETHER

A Testimony of Thanksgiving

w/ Trina Waites

Trina has a short testimony to share with you about her thankfulness towards the church and how it influences her giving!

A Testimony of Giving

w/ David Mathis

David talks about how his view of giving has changed and what it means to be a steward through relational giving.

How to fill out your pledge card

w/ Jeff Jones, Cate Garcia, and Byron Vance

Hear from this trio on why you should give, how you can do so, and a sending off from our senior pastor!



Giving is more than a chore, its a way to grow in your faith! We will be gathering pledge cards October 31st as well as open our online Pledge Card the week leading up.