As we devote ourselves to the ministry and mission of the Church, not only do we invest in the lives of others, but we also find our place and discover our purpose within the body of Christ.

The goal of the GO Team is to make the vision of EVERY MEMBER ON MISSION a reality.

We believe Huntsville First’s response to God’s call for us to be on mission will be determined by our entire congregation’s generosity to the Faith Promise missions budget and willingness to answer God’s call and to get involved personally in service to others.

For more information about our partnerships or to get involved in missions, please contact
Rev. Brittany Camp (brittany@HuntsvilleFirst.org).

In order: Brittany Camp, JoJo Campbell, Mary Ena Heath, Marnie Woeber

The mission of Huntsville First is to influence our community to know the love of Jesus Christ. One of the ways we work toward this is by serving marginalized children in our community.

Below is a list of our child-focused mission partners. Click on any of their logos to learn about them and what we are striving to accomplish together in our community!

Seeing our mission to influence our community to know the love of Jesus Christ come to fruition also involves serving marginalized adults in the Huntsville area. 

We are honored to come alongside our mission partners below in order to serve! Click on any logo below to learn more.

As our fair city of Huntsville continues to grow and thrive, we have realized an increasing need to serve those in our community who may be hungry, hurting, and homeless.

These excellent mission partners are dedicated to seeing to these needs. Click on any of the logos below to learn more about being Jesus’ hands and feet within our community.

Support Our Missions

Faith Promise Giving

Our Missions are funded through Faith Promise Giving. For those unfamiliar, Faith Promise Giving is not what we give in Stewardship such as tithes and offerings. It is not Sacrificial giving that happens in times of great need or compassion. It is the act of FAITH in believing God for what is not seen and allowing Him to make it into Substance and Evidence (Hebrews 11:1).

Faith Promise is the vehicle by which HFUMC finds the ability to have a consistent provision of needed funds to missionally impact not only our community, but the world. The heart of Faith Promise Giving requires the exercising of faith for fulfillment of the promise. Trusting God’s plan and promise opens doors of blessing into every life.

How Can You Participate?
  • Pray for God’s guidance in deciding how much to promise for this year.
  • Fill out a Faith Promise commitment card and put it in the offering plate or send it to the Church office.
  • Make weekly, monthly, or quarterly payments, or one annual payment (be sure to designate “Faith Promise” on your giving).

Faith Promise Pledge

When you pledge to give an amount over the coming year, it allows us to budget and allocate responsibly and have the greatest impact with our partners domestic and abroad.

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