Our Senior Pastor

Rev. Byron Vance

I am a native Alabamian but consider myself half-Arkansan, since I’ve shared over half my life with my awesome wife and Razorback, Kelly. We are blessed with two sons, Daniel and Landon, who both know how to “Call the Hogs”. I am so thankful for the church of my raising, in another piece of the Christian tapestry. I was cynical and bitter when the United Methodist Church welcomed me in late 1997. That was a spiritual oasis in a dry spiritual time. It still is. So, if your soul is a bit dry, my prayer is that Huntsville First UMC can serve as a refreshing splash of the living water Jesus gives. There is a seat, there is space, for you here.

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 214

Pastoral Staff

Rev. Dr. Bill Crosby

Associate Pastor

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 251

Rev. Joe Vonderheide

Dir. of Student Ministries

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 254

Rev. Coy Hallmark

Associate Pastor

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 217

Rev. June Wilson

Associate Pastor / Special Ministries

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 262

Program Staff

Eliza Spearman

Coordinator of Small Groups and First Impressions

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 246

Jamie Chance

Dir. of Children’s Ministries

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 260

Jaz Pylant

Student Ministry ASST.

Cate Garcia

Dir. of Communication

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 261

Support Staff

Jill Gardner

Office Admin.

(256) 539-5738

Cindy Holt

Financial Admin.

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 216

Anne Kennedy

Financial Assistant

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 252

Barry Sublett

Clergy/Liturgical Admin. Asst.

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 235

Music Staff

Jillian Gardner

Dir. of Music Ministries & Organist

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 226

Reid Rainwater


Harrel Phillips


SWEEM Preschool Staff

Terri Layton

SWEEM Program Director

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 221

Wendy Knupp

Asst. Director / Finance

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 220


Billy Byars

Facilities Engineer

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 213

Mark Walker

Assistant Facilities Engineer

(256) 539-5738 | ext. 213

Officers & Committees

For contact, questions, and communication:

Church Leadership Team Officers

Bart Smith


Robert La Branche


Elizabeth Bowman

Recording Secretary

Carolyn bakke

Asst. Recording Secretary

Committee on Nominations

Rev. Byron Vance


Board of Trustees

Art Hargrove


Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Joey Woller


Committee on Finance

Jeff Jones


Stewardship Committee

Bill Crosby


Endowment Committee

Steve Cragon


Janice Johnson


120 Greene Street  |  Huntsville, AL 35801  |  256-539-5738

120 Greene Street
Huntsville, AL 35801