Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for all those listed:

Member related requests for January: 


  • Please be in prayer for the family and friends of Charlie Helms, Sr. who passed away on January 17th. A copy of Charlie’s obituary can be found HERE. 
  • Janice Johnson – Grieving the loss of her mother
  • Betty Burkett – Recovering from appendix surgery
  • Roy Brown – Health issues
  • Lil Wood – Grieving the loss of her sister, Mary Elizabeth Forham
  • Cleo Goddard – Loss of her cousin, Gwendolyn Hughes, who passed away unexpectedly
  • Anne Jewell – Healing after surgery
  • Please be in prayer for the family and friends of John Kastanakis who passed away on January 12th. A copy of John’s obituary can be found HERE.
  • Please be in prayer for the family and friends of Helen Middleton who passed away on January 11th. A copy of Helen’s obituary can be found HERE.
  • Joye Ruffin – Recovering from cardioversion 
  • Pat Hair – Recovering at Encompass Rehab from a broken hip and arm, prayers for diagnosis of cancer spots on clavicle and guidance to get proper treatment for spots on her lung
  • Renee Cox – Recovering at home after recent breast cancer surgery; prayers of comfort and assurance for her family  
  • Pat Cook – Health issues
  • Joyce Hoar – At home recovering from back surgery
  • Please be in prayer for the family and friends of Bob Stephens who passed away on January 6th. A copy of Bob’s obituary can be found HERE
  • Julia Wilson – Travel mercies for an upcoming trip to California
  • John Culp – Health issues
  • Please be in prayer for the family of Archie “Lane” Young who passed away on January 9th. A link to Archie’s obituary, which includes a link to view the funeral, can be found HERE
  • Ann Kepner – Grieving the loss of her Aunt Carol who was killed in a car accident on January 5th
  • Please be in prayer for the family and friends of Hansel Cornutt who passed away on December 24th. A copy of Hansel’s obituary can be found HERE.
  • Please be in prayer for the family and friends of Beverly McCulloch who passed away on December 22nd.  A copy of Beverly’s obituary can be found HERE.
  • Carol Cornelius – Continued recovery at Willowbrook at Magnolia Trace Rehab
  • Steve Sumners – Recovering at home after heart surgery
  • Mary Lou Long – Continued healing
  • Dan Hubbard – Continued recovery at South Hampton Rehab
  • JoAnn Patterson  Recovering at home
  • Mollie Hendrix – Continued recovery and adjustment to her new living arrangement
  • Ruth Fulmer – At home recovering from surgery 
  • Gary Huckaby – Continued strength and healing; Prayers for Stacey and their two daughters
  • Mary Gray – Recovering at Encompass
  • Betty Lou Jones – A smooth transition to her new home
  • Cheryl McDaniel – Grieving the loss of her brother
  • Kay Brotherton – Continued recovery

Additional requests:

  • Connie Cook and Billy Herrin – Passing of their fraternity brother, Ben Carol
  • Don & Norma Colbath – Daughter, Kerri Ransom, upcoming carpal tunnel surgery
  • Kathy Woods – Daughter, Julie, continued strength and healing from a recent health issue
  • Susie Jones – Mother, Marty Fellows is being treated at Huntsville Hospital
  • Nancy Billings – Friend Deborah, waiting for admission to rehab after an extensive hospital stay
  • Quimby & Kathy Rains – Niece, Brielle, positive test results from a recent transfusion; Granddaughter Kara Jane, dealing with diabetes; George and Lonetta Dawson, unspoken
  • Dawn Gooch Hall – Prayers for the family and friends of Janet Hall who passed away on January 8th from cancer
  • Bo Harrison – Barry Scott, multiple health issues
  • June Wilson –  Loss of her friend Camille Solley; Friend, Candace, mourning the loss of her mother Barbara Ann Hatcher
  • Doni Harrison – Kade Schultz, 18-year-old recovering at rehab in preparation of a potential leg amputation 
  • Johnny & Alice Ozier – Granddaughter Madeline Wallace’s continued recovery; Natalie Worley and family as they seek to find a kidney donor for her husband John
  • Kim Webb – Sister, Candace Navickas, recovering from back surgery
  • Coy Hallmark – Stepmom, Katherine Hallmark, continued healing from a broken back; Andrew & Sarah Barton, health of their unborn son who they have found to have heart issues
Member related requests for November:
  • Ruth Fulmer – Recovering from surgery on her arm this morning
  • Bob Stephens – Continues to be treated at Crestwood Hospital for pneumonia
  • John Kastanakis – Retuned to Huntsville hospital for treatment
  • Carol Hurst – Continued recovery at home (Brookdale) after a recent hospitalization
  • JoAnn Patterson – Being treated at Crestwood Hospital
  • Mollie Hendrix – Struggling with mobility issues and difficulty finding help to assist her
  • Mary Summerlin – Fell and injured her hip, she is being treated at Crestwood hospital
  • Melissa Belt – Continued issues with her ankle
  • Carol Cornelius – Recovering at Willowbrook at Magnolia Trace Rehab due to a car accident that resulted in two broken legs
  • Steve Sumners – Preparing for upcoming surgery
  • Please be in prayer for our pastors during this busy Christmas season
  • Woody Sanderson – Grieving the loss of his cousin, Jana McEachern
  • Chad Steed – Recovering from shoulder surgery
  • Gerald Patterson – Healing from surgery
  • Please be in prayer for the family and friends of Robert Howard who passed away on Monday, December 5. A copy of Robert’s obituary can be found linked HERE.
  • Please be in prayer for the family and friends of Carol Nixon who passed away on November 19th. A copy of Carol’s obituary can be found linked HERE
  • Please be in prayer for the family of Mary Butler who passed away on November 22. Her services will be held in the Wesley Worship Center on Saturday, January 14th with visitation beginning at 1:00 pm and her celebration of life service immediately following at 2:00 pm. A copy of Mary’s obituary can be found linked HERE.
  • Mary Lou Long – Has broken her shoulder, prayers for healing
  • Dan Hubbard – Recovering from a knee procedure at South Hampton Rehab
  • Blake & Jenny Harvard – Health and well-being of loved ones and a season full of memories and joy
  • Steve Crouch – Recovering from surgery
  • Betty Burkett – Preparing for appendix surgery
  • Scott Lewis – Continued recovery from surgery
  • Mona & Savannah Vines – Grieving the loss of Mona’s father, Bill Vines, last week
  • Johnny & Alice Ozier – Granddaughter Madeline, recovering from surgery at Vanderbilt; John Worley, preparing for a kidney transplant
  • Renee Cox – Diagnosed with breast cancer, prayers for healing and strength for her and her family
  • Jack Johnson – Recovering from a procedure
  • Susie Jones – Recovering from rotator cuff surgery
  • Kay Brotherton – Recovering from a broken ankle
  • Pat Statum – Unspoken
  • Gary Huckaby – Continued healing
  • Pat Collinsworth – Recovering from surgery at Huntsville Hospital Hospice
  • Praise for the new Men’s Grief group that has been meeting at First on Wednesdays!

Additional requests:

  • Doni Harrison – Kade Schultz, 18-year-old injured in a serious car accident which may result in the amputation of his leg
  • Betty Lou Jones – Dorothy Scott, dealing with several stressful situations; Charles Naumann, continued recovery
  • John McGuire – Sister-in-law has cancer
  • Brenda Titus – Unspoken request
  • Glenda Douglas (HFUMC’s Lead Sexton) – Passing of her brother yesterday, please be in prayer for her family
  • Coy Hallmark – Mom is in the hospital due to a fractured back
  • Bill Crosby – Tim Helton, a friend and Addiction lecturer passed away last week, his funeral will be held in Birmingham tomorrow
  • Byron Vance – The Rutt family, dealing with their 18-month-old son George’s serious health issues 
  • Liz Herrin – Jane Troup, Praise for positive test results; Jane Waycaster, at home with hospice care
  • Susie Jones – Mother, Marti Fellows, recovering from hand surgery
  • Dawn Gooch Hall – A dear friend suffering with cancer
  • JoAnn Patterson – Sister, Gwen, struggling to recover from colon cancer surgery
  • Sara Brotherton – Sara is now on Hospice and would like prayers for strength to get through the unknown days ahead. A link to Sara’s Caring Bridge site can be found at:
  • Jennifer Abell – Unspoken for a child who is struggling
  • Anonymous Request – Jason, Michele and Cale’s salvation;  all are struggling with their faith. Pray that they are saved and returned to Stacey, Tecla and I so our relationships are restored and we can follow God together.
Please forward any additional prayer requests and/or updates to Jennifer Abell via our online form at or via email at


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