Pledge Card!

Let us know you pledge to support the church in your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness!


As we reiterate our vow to pray, we affirm that we will be faithful in the regular and continual lifting up of our church, church family, church leaders, and the community to which our church ministers in our ongoing conversations with God in prayer.


Our vow of supporting the church with our presence is about more than showing up (although regular attendance is crucial). When someone has lost a loved one; when a family is shattered; when someone has become isolated; when natural disasters have ripped through a community (whether nearby or abroad); we can give ourselves through presence.


Knowing in our humility that everything we have has first been given to us by God to steward faithfully and in honor of Him, we vow to gift back our firstfruits of offerings and tithes. As we are equally grateful for those traits and skills with which He has blessed us (our giftings), we offer those back as a gift for His purposes, as well.


One way that Christians vow to serve others is by displaying the fruit of the Spirit in our everyday lives. We also sacrificially give of ourselves to others; by serving within the walls of our church, and by committing a portion of our time to serve missionally both those in our community and abroad.


We can witness to the knowledge we have of Jesus Christ and how we have experienced Him move in our own lives. We also offer witness by the way we live. Finally, we are willing to take risks for the knowledge we have of Jesus Christ. Such witnessing as these brings others to the faith; making us a member of that “great cloud of witnesses.”

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120 Greene Street
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